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To stay up to date with booking openings please follow my Instagram account @little_av_pokes

To learn more about me and my practice please visit here:

To learn more about the studio, handpoke tattooing and what your booking will entail please have a thorough read the studio FAQ page.

Here you can find answers to most questions. If you still have additional questions please feel free to include them in your booking form.


Please note quotes will be provided after receiving your booking form when I have all of the necessary information. Quotes are simply an estimate and may be subject to change a little on the day. 

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Flash tattoos

This booking round will be open for flash tattoos and custom text tattoos only. Information on how to book can be found on the 'before you book page'. Designs will only become available to be seen and purchased on July 7th at 6 pm. On the next page, you can find Q&As for my most frequently asked questions.

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out. 

Avali - @little_av_pokes

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