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Custom text (up 6 letters)

Custom text (up 6 letters)




This design sheet is an example only. Here you can choose words of your own choice and style preference. Text can be done in black or in colour. 


Tattoo size limits: Will be text dependant

Repeatable: Text varied wioth your design choices 

Placement: Will suit most areas (no face, neck, feet, fingers and hands). 


Please see my price guide for a rough quote. I can provide you with a more accurate quote once we have confirmed your estimated size and placement. 


Expected time: 1 hour 


If you would like to change the size or placement outside of the specifications, please ask and we can figure out if it is possible/ what the updated time will be. 


Payment is now taken when booking your appointment. Your appointment is not confirmed until this is complete. Please book within 48 hours. Otherwise your design may be forfeited. 


If asked for an address when completing this form please enter "Sydney". I do not require your personal address. 


Disciminatory words, phrases or symbols will be accepted. I will also not be tattooing characters in another languge unless you are a native speaker of that langauge and can verify it's use. My primary concern would be butchering a language that I can't read. 


Write your text in the below box in quotation marks"...." . Pay attention to capatalization if that is something you have already decided upon. If you would like it all capatalized, first letter or not at all please write it as such in the quote. This can always be adjusted down the track if desired. 


Thank you!


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