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Avali is a hand-poke/machine-free tattoo artist specialising in delicate, illustrative and quirky designs. Her style varies with each piece, from line work, pointillism, cartoon designs and abstraction. She most often enjoys tattooing animals, botanicals and found objects on a small scale. 

As a graphic design student majoring in illustration, Avali enjoys working in varying artistic disciplines. This includes drawing, painting, sculpting, designing and of course, tattooing. Since she started hand poking, she has been overwhelmed by the kindness shown by her clients and enjoys connecting with people through this intimate experience. She loves having the opportunity to tattoo images or words that empower people as a form of healing or to represent their identity. 

In her time outside of work, she enjoys getting outdoors with her dog, exploring other artistic mediums or an inside rainy day with good food and many cups of tea. You can check out more of Avali’s work via her Instagram page @little_av_pokes. She is available for tattoo-related work as well as collaborative art projects, custom artwork orders or illustrations. 

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